Kid Rock Dedicates Song to Late Father After His Death: “I Love You Pop!”

While country music finds itself undergoing a major shift thanks to artists like HARDY, Jelly Roll, and Lainey Wilson, before the new wave of singers – there was the famous Kid Rock. Blending his love for country, rock, and rap, the singer mesmerized fans with his hit album Devil Without a Cause. Selling over 35 million albums throughout his time on stage, Kid Rock received numerous awards and was even nominated for five Grammy Awards. Continuing to enjoy his time in the spotlight, the singer recently shared the heartbreaking news that his father, Bill Richie Sr., passed away. 

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Sharing the news with fans, Kid Rock discussed his father’s passing in a Twitter post. He wrote, “My Dad, Bill Ritchie Sr, moved on to be with Jesus yesterday. He was an incredible father, grandfather, great grandfather, and so much more, none shy of being quite the character! Thank you for your condolences in advance. God Bless you and I love you Pop!  -Bob Ritchie” Not only did the artist write a heartfelt message about his late father, but he also linked a video to his song “Drinking Beer With Dad.”

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Kid Rock Thanks Parents For His Taste Of Music

Fans, who also lost a father, explained how impactful the song was to them throughout the healing process. One fan wrote, “I lost my father recently and he was a beer drinker. Some of the best moments I have is drinkin beer with my dad. Thank you kid rock for this song.” Another comment read, “If you’re a country boy.. Your pops won’t ever show sadness or shed a tear. For the first time in my life I think my dad had to wipe his brow for this song when we played it as loud as the ol Chevy would go. I LOVE YOU DAD! And I know you love, and will continue to love me and my brother. Amen to this song. Amen.”

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Although a fan of music, Kid Rock discussed how important his parents were in instilling his love and taste for music. Discussing their impact back in 2009, he told DBusiness, “My parents had barn parties on Friday nights. (They) would drink and listen to rock ’n’ roll… They loved rock ’n’ roll, classic rock, country music.” He continued, “My dad liked a lot of the outlaw country stuff — Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash, all of the early Sun Records; they loved Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Elvis. My mom loved Elton John and Fleetwood Mac. They both loved the Rolling Stones and, of course, Bob Seger was basically spoon-fed to me.”

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