Lainey Wilson Reveals Her Long History with Bell Bottoms and Where She Buys Them

Lainey Wilson stands out in the crowd. First and foremost, her songwriting and musical chops set her apart from many of her peers in country music. Also, her unique sense of style makes a statement everywhere she goes. Her signature bell bottoms are the centerpiece of that unique style.

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Earlier this year, Wilson sat down with Glamour to talk about her life and career. During the interview, she discussed why she loves her bell-bottom jeans and where she gets them.

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Lainey Wilson Reveals Why She Wears Bell Bottoms

Many fans know that Wilson has been writing songs since she was a child. During her conversation with Glamour, she revealed that she has been sporting bell bottoms for just as long. “I wrote my first song at nine years old, and that was the same year that I got my first pair of bell bottoms,” she recalled. “They were blue leopard print. I remember being very aware of how those made me feel. I felt sass, I felt like I could do anything,” she added.

About a decade later, Wilson moved to Nashville to chase her dream of being a country singer full-time. However, she quickly learned that she had to do something to set her apart from the droves of singer/songwriters in Music City.

“So I get to Nashville and realize very quickly that as a female in country music, you can’t just be a decent singer/songwriter. You’ve got to do something that makes you stand out and stand apart,” she said. This led her to wonder what she could do to stay true to herself while still coloring outside the lines. This led her to seek out the sassy feeling that bell bottoms gave her as a kid.

“I decided, alright, if I’m going down to Music Grove, if I’m going to the grocery store, if I’m going back home to Baskin, I’m wearing my bell bottoms because I’m going to get noticed,” she explained. “At first a lot of people were like, ‘Are you really bringing those ugly pants back?’ and I was like ‘You’re dang right.’”

Wilson said there may be a time when she retires the look. However, it won’t be any time soon. “I’m not hanging them up just yet because they still make me feel good,” she said. “They make me feel powerful. They make me feel like I can take anything on. So long as they’re making me feel that way, I’ll keep wearing them.”

Where Does She Get Her Bell Bottoms?

“There’s an awesome Etsy shop called CatONine where I get a lot of my show bell bottoms,” Wilson revealed. “They’re spandex, they make you feel great on your good and bad days, so I love those,” she added. She also noted that Wrangler makes some great bell bottoms. “I grew up wearing Wrangler, so it’s kind of a full-circle moment that we’re getting to work with them now. My closet’s full of them. You can never have too many.”

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