Lizzo Makes Fans Dream Come True on the Biggest Day in Her Life

Lizzo clearly has a generous heart.

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The award-winning songwriter and performer just did something that made someone’s day… er, life.

When a fan, who was having trouble finding a dress for the biggest professional day of her life, asked the Grammy-winner for Lizzo’s dress, it was a “Hail Mary,” but when Lizzo obliged, her prayers were answered.

“TikTok is so amazing,” wrote one fan. “This author has to accept the biggest award of her career & she made a video asking Lizzo for her 2019 AMA performance dress &….”

“It’s easy to be kind, and my absolute pleasure.. @YesAurielle you look beautiful!” added Lizzo,

The gown’s recipient wrote about it on Twitter, sharing, “I’m an award-winning poet, essayist, and documentarian. A cultural strategist. Formerly a community organizer, forever in community. I’m never speechless. I stay on my toes. Always ready to seize the damn day. Y’all I can’t even talk, I’m sitting here sobbing. I’m so grateful.

“I published Gumbo Ya Ya in the middle of the panny. Award shows have been virtual. Haven’t done many readings/events. It’s felt like this HUGE career moment sat alone in a bubble. Being irl with @outmagazine felt like a coming out moment FOR REAL. that’s what y’all don’t know.

“So it was a big deal. A huge deal, for me. So big that not having a dress to mark the occasion with felt like… why even go, you know? Fat people are hyper scrutinized, we’re made to feel small. If I don’t step out feeling my best? I have no armor for shots the world WILL take.

“I made that video as a Hail Mary, absolutely sure that it wouldn’t go anywhere. But for those who know me in real life, y’all know I turn over every rock for something I really want. I wanted to feel GOOD in a dress that felt like *me*. Like Lizzo at the Emmy’s lol.

“I had no idea y’all would blow up that video, much less that it would reach Lizzo. It’s been the gift of a lifetime. But the kind words, the DMs from those of y’all who struggle with body image in this fatphobic world, & those who have bought the book?! Y’all have my heart too.

“I literally talked about my book and this dress on Hood Morning America today and just booked JENNIFER HUDSON’S talk show?!?!! You have to know I had NO idea that one lil video was going to manifest all of this. I’m deeply grateful. And still finding my way in all of it.

“When y’all move on to the next trending thing, I just want you to be as excited, as supportive, as loving, and as vocal about the fat people in your lives. Don’t celebrate my wins while body-shaming someone else. Don’t hype me up while stepping over someone else. Be intentional.

“Fatphobia is insidious. It meant I could find a dress, sure, but that’s nothing in comparison to the other consequences of anti-fat bias in our world. You should read about them in @DaShaunLH’s book Belly of the Beast: Anti-Fatness as Anti-Blackness.

“Okay, back to the happy. I know y’all want the feel good story!!!!

“I’m sitting in this hotel room crying and drinking water bc I drank a lil too much last night lolll. I had the time of my LIFE. I really, deeply thank y’all for that. You made my world, @lizzo. Thank you sis.

“Omg not the typo. Obviously *good morning america LMAO. Although… That does give me ideas.”

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