Lola Kirke Talks Joys of Working on Chaotic New Ep With Elle King, Dishes on Their 20-Year Bond

While known for landing roles in films like Gone Girl, Gemini, and Lost Girls, Lola Kirke is also an established singer. Dating all the way back to 2016, the songwriter released albums like Heart Head West in 2018 and Lady for Sale in 2022. And showing no signs of slowing down, the star is preparing to share her newest EP, Country Curious, with fans in February. Although excited about its release, Kirke recently discussed her new single “My House” and praised Elle King for helping perfect her country style. 

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For some artists, country music is all they ever knew. Born in the country, surrounded by country—it’s almost as if some singers were born to sing country. But for Kirke, she was born in London and raised in New York. While not following the usual path of country singers, she loved the genre from a young age when a nurse would sing her Patsy Cline. And it also helped that she grew up with King, who is known for her blending of country and rock. 

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Discussing her bond with King, Kirke explained, “We grew up together in New York City, and she was one of the first people that I met that played this kind of music. We reconnected, and now we live near each other in Nashville. We’ve been friends for 20 years.”

Lola Kirke Always Wants To Be “Authentically Authentic”

When it came to “My House”, Kirke called on her friend to help bring the chaos to life. Recalling the process, the singer said that King has a way of being like, “‘This doesn’t work, change it.'” She added, “Her style is very direct and very her. But I feel like when I played her [‘My House’], I just saw her eyes widen and she was just like, ‘Yes, this is it.’ I couldn’t imagine a better person than her to make a song about getting absolutely hammered and having fun and being a woman and just being chaotic, but in a way that helps you expand into your own life in a more harmonious way.” 

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Knowing that her songs might draw some backlash, Kirke seemed to care little about those who doubted her musical abilities as she focused on finding the place she belonged. She told People, “I don’t really care that much. I kind of coined this term for myself — authentically authentic. What could be more human than trying to find a place that you belong? What could be more American than looking for that until you find it? I think country music is a staunchly American kind of music.” 

The Grand Ole Opry appears to agree with Kirke as they invited her to make her debut on February 16. Already a milestone for the singer, that day also marks the release of her EP Country Curious.

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