Ozzy Osbourne’s Wife Explains Why Their Planned Return to the U.K. Has Been Delayed

In 2022, Ozzy Osbourne revealed that he and wife Sharon were planning to move back to their native U.K. after mainly living in Los Angeles for decades. That same year, the BBC announced plans for a docuseries focusing on the Osbournes’ relocation called Home to Roost, but Ozzy and Sharon move has been delayed.

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In a new interview with the Howie Mandel Doe Stuff podcast, Sharon Osbourne discussed the desire to move back to the U.K. and explained why her and the Metal Madman’s plans have been postponed.

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“I wanted to reverse it, to spend more time in England, and come here and visit, like, on birthdays, holidays, stuff like that,” Sharon said. “And I’ve been trying to get Ozzy to get out of the house and come to England.”

When host Howie Mandel asked, “[Ozzy] doesn’t want to come out of the house?” Sharon replied, “Yeah, he does, but not a lot. Not a lot.”

Ozzy, of course, has been dealing with a variety of health issues in recent years, which clearly is a major reason why the move to the U.K. has been delayed.

Mandel commented, “He’s having a little bit of a tough time. Getting old is not easy,” prompting Sharon to respond, “Oh, getting old and not being well sucks.”

More About Ozzy’s Health

She then discussed some of the treatments Ozzy has been receiving to help him regain his heath.

“He’s been to South America [and Germany] for stem cells,” Sharon explained, noting that the treatment “builds up your immune system.”

In addition, Sharon pointed out that Ozzy’s voice is still in good shape. She also noted that her husband is preparing for being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as a solo artist this year after previously receiving the honor as a member of Black Sabbath.

Report About Home to Roost, the Osbournes’ U.K. Move & More

In related news, a new article in the U.K. newspaper the Mirror reports that a BBC crew has been filming the Osbournes since January 2023, and that Ozzy and Sharon are expected to finally move back to the U.K. by the end of 2024.

The article also explained that, according to a source close to the family, that Ozzy currently is focusing on getting healthy enough to perform at the Rock Hall ceremony.

“He is building up his stamina, strength and balance to get out on the stage,” the source said. “That is his big project currently and involves working in [Los Angeles] with his band and physios.

The source also noted that the singer is apprehensive about moving back to the U.K. for multiple reasons.

“Ozzy has been quite clear he loves being in LA close to his grandkids and music pals, and that he is unsure about the whole England return,” the source maintained. “It is obviously a massive stumbling block for the TV series.”

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