Paul Stanley Understands Backlash Over KISS Avatars, Issues a Promise To Concerned Fans

While people prepared for the Christmas season last year, KISS prepared to take the stage one last time as they celebrated a rich history on and off the stage. Since formed during the 1970s in New York City, the band thrilled fans with their outlandish outfits, massive stages, and shock rock style. Having won numerous awards, gained entry into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and sold over 75 million records, the band decided to take the stage one last time. And although fans loved the show, they weren’t all that excited as the band announced digital avatars of themselves. Looking to usher KISS into a new era of music, Paul Stanley understood the response but promised fans would “love” what the future holds.

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Appearing on the Allison Hagendorf Show, Stanley opened up about the reactions fans had when they revealed the avatars.  He promised that the visual shown was nothing more than a prototype. “It was a double-edged sword because we were showing people the avatars in their infancy. And they look nothing like that – they will be mind-bogglingly realistic.” He added, “People will look and go, ‘Well, that doesn’t look anything like them.’ But what [they] will be is incredible. The state of the art and what technology can do nowadays is incredible.”

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Paul Stanley Says “KISS Fans Will Love” Avatars

With ABBA’s virtual concert gaining high praise from fans, Stanley insisted, “Pophouse, the people behind that, are the people who are working with us… that show is just incredible – and yet that technology is now old. George Lucas is involved with the avatars. And the people involved with it are really incredible.”

Dropping names like George Lucas has some fans changing their tune as Stanley continued, “KISS fans will love it – but other people who could care less about KISS will want to see it… it will really cross that bridge of what’s real and what’s not, and combine the two.”

Always in charge of the legacy of KISS, the band wants nothing but the best. “The idea that we’re going to simulate a live show – leave that to somebody else. We have no desire to do that. We want to create KISS, which is something that breaks the rules, not lives within them.”

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