Randy Travis Releases “Where That Came From” Music Video Featuring Cole Swindell, Carrie Underwood, Clay Walker, and Others

Randy Travis released his first newly recorded single in more than a decade last Friday (May 3). Before the song dropped, he and other country artists posted clips to social media to build hype for the song. Yesterday (May 7), fans learned that those clips were part of something bigger. Watch the official music video for “Where That Came From” below to see reactions from Cole Swindell, Carrie Underwood, Clay Walker, and more.

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The music video for “Where That Came From” incorporates much of the footage used in the CBS Sunday Mornings special about the song. It shows Travis’ famous friends reacting to the song as well as scenes from the song’s creation. For instance, we see Randy and Kyle Lehning at a computer to create the vocal track. Fans also get a glimpse of James DuPre in the vocal booth. Lehning used DuPre’s vocal track as a foundation and laid the AI of Randy’s voice over it.

The best moments of the video are the ones that show how “Where That Came From” affected Travis  and his friends and family. The joy the song brings him is obvious and contagious. At the same time, seeing the song move his fellow country stars to tears is hard to top.

Building the New Randy Travis Single

The process of creating this single started with Randy Travis’ hit song “1982.” Lehning worked to pull the vocal track from that song and use it as the basis for the AI model. Then, they tapped country singer James DuPre to lay down vocals for “Where That Came From.” Finally, Lehning combined the two. However, it was not as easy as a few mouse clicks.

Lehning, who has worked with Travis since his debut album, adjusted the track syllable by syllable to make the finished product. “It’s not about how it sounds. It’s about how it feels,” he explained. He needed the track to feel right. However, he wasn’t alone in his endeavors. Travis was by his side the whole time, giving his input during the creation of the track. This, Lehning said, made “all the difference” to him.

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