Ruby Leigh Links up With Surprise Guest After ‘The Voice’ Fans Clamor for Dolly Parton

Here’s a throwback for those who have been lurking on the internet for a few years. Who remembers Mason Ramsey? If the name doesn’t ring a bell, maybe the moniker Yodeling Walmart Kid will. Ramsey found fame in 2018 when a video of him yodeling “Lovesick Blues” by Hank Williams went viral. Now, he’s all grown up and hanging out with Runy Leigh.

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From the outside looking in, these two have plenty in common. They’re both young, talented country singers. They’re also both known for their impressive yodeling skills. Additionally, just like Leigh’s drive to make music didn’t stop with The Voice, Ramsey didn’t stop after his viral fame faded. He released his debut EP Famous which featured some new songs and a handful of Hank Sr. covers. Since then, he’s released a handful of singles and two more EPs. Most recently, Ramsey released the track “Blue Over You” in February.

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Yesterday, Leigh posted a video stating she would be hanging out with someone “Really cool and famous and awesome and just genuinely a nice person” later in the day and asked her followers to guess who she was going to see. Many fans predicted—incorrectly—that the person was Dolly Parton.

A few hours later, she posted a video introducing Ramsey to her followers.

Ruby Leigh Hangs with Mason Ramsey

Many fans guessed that Ruby Leigh was on her way to hang out with Dolly Parton. As a result, she started the reveal video with a joke. “Alright guys, you called it,” she began. “It was Dolly Parton. So, here she is guys,” she said before moving the camera to reveal Ramsey.

Then, she said, “I’m here with the yodeling king from Walmart.” Ramsey said, “I’m here with the yodeling queen from The Voice.”

“I’ll be in CVS next. Watch for me there,” she joked before Ramsey said she should do Walgreens instead.

What’s Going on Here?

Two young and talented musicians hanging out isn’t all that surprising. They’re close in age and their talents align. Maybe it’s just a social call. Maybe the fans will get incredibly lucky and they’re secretly working on something for Leigh’s forthcoming debut album. Only time will tell.

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