Snoop Dogg Responds to AI-Mashup of “Gin and Juice” and “The Bare Necessities”

Snoop Dogg is one of many musicians that are uneasy about AI-generated mixes.  

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The rapper turned to social media on Tuesday (May 16) to respond to a video that intertwined his track “Gin and Juice” with Terry Gilkyson’s “The Bare Necessities” from Disney’s classic film, The Jungle Book

Snoop Dogg stitched the audio file together with his response. The raw cut features the lyrics to the spit-fire rap that lives on his 1993 album Doggystyle to the instrumental arrangement of the children’s song.  

The award-winning artist did not give the clip a verbal response, but the silence spoke volumes. Initially, Snoop Dogg seemed stumped by the unique rendition. Towards the end, he starts to sway to the kid-friendly beat and began to sing along to the lyrics. 

Rollin’ down the street, smokin’ indo | Sippin on gin and juice, laid back | With my mind on my money | And my money on my mind | Rollin’ down the street, smokin’ indo, sings Snoop Dogg with a smile. Sippin’ on gin and juice laid back | With my mind on my money | And my money on my mind. 

The hitmaker tagged Fred Wreck, his long-time producer in the caption. 

“👀😂🐾. @fredwreck,” he wrote. 

In late April, Snoop Dogg spotted an AI-powered track combining his song “Down 4 My N’s” with C-Murder and Michael Jackson’s voice. The King of Pop is heard rapping the lyrics to the 1999 hit. 

Jay-Z, Guru, The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, DJ Clark Kent, and more have flagged their concerns about artificial intelligence using their voice and art without permission. While the Writers Guild of America is fighting for a living wage and is on strike, they are also concerned about the power of AI. Technology advancement is one of the major concerns listed in their proposal to The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. 

The WGA believes AI shouldn’t be allowed to “write or rewrite literary material” and “can’t be used as source material.” According to Complex, the studios have “rejected” their AI proposal. 

The strike is WGA’s first in 15 years.

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