Taylor Swift is Bringing a $1.26 Billion Economic Boost to the U.K.—Here’s How

Taylor Swift is taking her infamous Eras Tour across the pond to the U.K. and Europe, and with it she’s bringing a significant economic boost. Notably, her tour is projected to boost the U.K. economy by almost 1 billion pounds.

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According to a report from British bank Barclays, per a report from The Hollywood Reporter, Swift will bring in around 997 million pounds to the U.K. economy, which converts to $1.26 billion. On average, fans will pay 848 pounds for a ticket to see her, not to mention travel, accommodation, new clothing for the show, and merch at the show.

In the four U.K. cities—London, Liverpool, Edinburgh, and Cardiff—Swifties are expected to spend more money on meals before the show as well. Revenue will go back into local restaurants, hotels, and other businesses. With more than 1.2 million fans projected to attend the 15 tour stops, the economy will drastically change.

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Taylor Swift Continues to Alter the Global Economy

Not only did Taylor Swift affect the U.S. economy during that extensive leg of her Eras Tour, she has affected the global economy as well. Judging by this recent “Swiftonomics” report, she will continue with this trend until her tour ends.

Recently, she brought in $228 million to the Japanese economy, as well as $59 million to Mexico City, according to a report from Investopedia. Apparently, hotels for the 2024 U.K. tour sold out last year. She has also prompted places she is not visiting to accommodate her fans as well. For example, Air New Zealand added more than 2,000 seats to its flights to adjust for the mass amounts of Swifties traveling for her Australia shows.

According to a study conducted by QuestionPro of U.S. Swifties, the average concertgoer will spend more than $1,300 on the entire experience. With around 54,000 attendees per concert, that’s a lot of money pouring into local economies. Say what you want about her music, her personality, or the small earthquake she caused at a show in Seattle. Above all else, she’s a businesswoman, and she knows how to rake in the big bucks.

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