Team Blake’s Bodie and Jaeden Luke Have ‘Voice’ Battle with Early Justin Bieber Hit

Blake Shelton team members Bodie and Jaeden Luke battled it out during the second night of the Battles Round on The Voice with a duet of Justin Bieber’s 2012 hit “As Long As You Love Me.”

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“Wowza. Guys, that was good,” said coach Camila Cabello. “I was hot and flustered for a second there. That was a really sexy arrangement of the song.” Cabello was jokingly flirting with Washington State contestant Luke, 22, who performed the 1970 Bread song “Make It With You” during his blind audition and said that he joined Shelton’s team since Cabello’s was not an option.

“Jaeden, your tone is so beautiful, I want to hear it on a record,” added Cabello. “I think you as an artist, the whole package, is special—and you’re my boyfriend. Bodie, you were even better than I remember in your Blind Audition. Your runs were crazy. Your belts were masterful. You were flawless.”

She added, “Honestly, I would steal both of you. I think you guys are both really special and cool.”

Gwen Stefani said she was “blown away” by the entire performance. “It showed both of your depths as artists,” shared Stefani. “I got lost in it. Bodie, your style is gorgeous. So much range, power, tenderness. It’s everything you want to hear in a vocal. You got a four-chair turn and we all were fighting for you, but this is next level of what I thought you were. Jaeden, what I love about you besides just your voice, is you.”

Stefani added, “Even though Bodie was killing it, I was staring at you most of the time. I do love your voice. I love your tone. Listen, this is a tough one.”

Bodie (l) and Jaeden Luke (Photo: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

John Legend commented on both singers’ vocal tones and said he was leaning more toward Luke’s during this performance. “It’s got character and grit and depth and that haunting floaty vibe at the same time,” said Legend. “You’re like Superman. You can do anything with that voice. But sometimes your execution isn’t always all the way there. Bodie, though, your voice is so strong and powerful, and it’s got character and presence. I thought your execution was perfect, so I would pick Bodie, but I do believe that Jaeden has so much potential.”

When it was time for Shelton—who recently revealed that the next season of The Voice will be his last—to critique Bodie and Luke’s performance, he said Luke’s approach to the song reminded him of some “Chris Isaak ‘Wicked Game’ type thing.” He added, “The girls are just freaking out over it. It truly is cool, and you need to teach me that. Bodie, instead of going down the falsetto road, goes full voice and hits it with all the power and stuff and it’s really impressive. Dude, your voice is crazy. You found a way to make it work together and everybody’s super excited about it.”

Shelton ultimately named Bodie as the winner of the round, and Stefani and Cabello used their Steals to capture Luke on their team.

“Jaeden, you know we have something special,” joked Cabello. “In all seriousness, I think your voice is really special, and I think it’d be interesting to see what we could do together because I like left-of-center people.” Cabello then added if Luke didn’t choose her team she would “break up” with him.

Pleading her case to get Luke to join her team, Stefani added, ”I have been around for a long time. I have a lot to offer. I’m a super-fan of your style of singing and your voice. I’d love to be your coach.

Luke ultimately joined “girlfriend” Cabello’s team. “I can’t say no to my girlfriend,” he said.

Main Photo: Trae Patton/NBC

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