‘The Voice’ Season 25, Episode 1 Full Recap: Every Blind Audition and Who They Chose as Their Coach

The Voice kicked of season 25 tonight (February 26) with some amazing auditions from varied and interesting performers. Here’s the run-down of who auditioned and earned chair turns tonight, plus who they chose as their coaches.

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Dani Stacy, “I Will Survive” — Team Chance

The auditions opened up with Dani Stacy performing an acoustic rendition of “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor. It was an interesting choice, but one she nailed, earning the first four (technically five)-chair turn. Chance the Rapper actually blocked Reba McEntire from snagging Dani, and while many watching at home thought she would choose Dan + Shay, she actually chose Chance.

Justin and Jeremy Garcia, “Story of My Life” — Team Dan + Shay

Twin brothers Justin and Jeremy Garcia impressed the coaches and earned a turn from Dan + Shay. The high school seniors possessed beautiful harmonies which won over the audience, and Dan + Shay shared that they were hoping for at least one duo on their team.

Tae Lewis, “Somebody Like You” — Team Reba

Tae Lewis is a country singer who got his start in upstate New York before relocating to Nashville. He sang a cover of Keith Urban’s “Somebody Like You” which earned him a turn from John Legend and Reba McEntire. The two coaches pulled out all the stops in a bid to help him decide, and in the end he went with Team Reba, who enticed those on her team with chicken tenders to complement the tater tots from last year.

Ryan Argast, “Speechless” — Team Dan + Shay

Ryan Argast has a rock & roll voice that’s gravelly and guttural. As John Legend said, his voice “sounds like it’s breaking but it’s strong.” He sang Dan + Shay’s song “Speechless,” hoping the duo would hear the emotion behind it. They definitely did, turning for him and inviting him on the team with a baseball jersey. The pair then got on stage to sing a few bars of “Speechless” with Ryan, and their voices melded beautifully.

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Nadège, “Get You” — Team Chance

Nadège gave a crystalline performance of Daniel Caesar’s “Get You,” which earned turns from John Legend and Chance the Rapper. She revealed that the first song she ever performed live was Legend’s “Ordinary People,” so he got up there and sang it with her. Chance was not to be deterred, though, and he also got up on stage and did his best John Legend impression. Nadège ultimately went with Chance, stunning the rapper that he beat John Legend with a John Legend song.

John Sanders, “Whiskey On You” — Team Reba

John Sanders is a southern rocker with a gravelly voice and a lot of soul. Before he took the stage, his oldest daughter told him if he didn’t choose Team Reba they “were going to have problems.” Luckily, Sanders made the right decision—he earned turns from Reba and Dan +Shay and ultimately picked Team Reba.

OK3, “Made You Look” — Team ?

These three women from Oklahoma stunned the coaches with their perfectly harmonized rendition of Meghan Trainor’s “Made You Look.” They earned a four chair turn and sent the coaches into hysterics trying to get them to choose. John Legend brought out an inflatable tube man with “Pick Team Legend” emblazoned on it, while Reba McEntire “conveniently” revealed she was sitting on a GRAMMY award. The trio has a tough decision to make, as all the coaches have something to offer them. However, fans of The Voice will have to wait until tomorrow night to see their decision.

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