The Who’s Roger Daltrey on Pete Townshend’s Farewell Tour Comments: “I Won’t Do It with Someone Who Is Halfhearted”

In a new interview with the San Diego Union-Tribune, Who frontman Roger Daltrey addressed bandmate Pete Townshend’s recent apparent contradictory comments about the possibility of the group doing a farewell tour.

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First, in a March 2024 interview with The New York Times, Townshend said, “It feels to me like there’s one thing The Who can do, and that’s a final tour where we play every territory in the world and then crawl off to die.”

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He also remarked, “I don’t get much of a buzz from performing with The Who. If I’m really honest, I’ve been touring for the money.”

Then, while being interviewed for an episode of the Sound Up! podcast that premiered on April 16, 2024, Townshend said with regard to his comments to The New York Times, “I’m not doing a farewell tour. I think I was being sarcastic about it.”

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Daltrey Responds to Townshend’s Comments

When Daltrey was asked to respond to Townshend’s recent statements, he told the San Diego Union-Tribune, “If Pete doesn’t want to tour, I don’t want to be back with The Who on the road, at 81, with someone who doesn’t want be there … if that’s what he’s saying.”

The singer, who turned 80 on March 1, 2024, added, “But you know, every dog has its day and it was a wonderful ride.”

Daltrey continued, “I won’t do it with someone who is halfhearted about it. The music is too important to me. The reason The Who was so powerful is because we meant it. We took your face off when we played; we didn’t swan about on stage.”

As for whether he would consider hitting the road with The Who again if Townshend’s attitude changed, Daltrey said, “I’d be up for it if the reason Pete’s doing it isn’t just to make money. I’ll do it to make good music and to show people what we were, before we leave the stage forever. You can’t just half turn up for a tour.”

Daltrey Says He Still Loves Singing

Meanwhile, Daltrey says he remains passionate about singing, noting that that an essential element for a great performance.

“Singers can’t dial it in at concerts, because it shows immediately,” he told the newspaper. “I’m doing it because I love it, and it’s what I do … I’ve got a voice and I want to use it. I have never toured only for the money. Yes, the money is very useful. But I couldn’t do it just for that; you can’t.”

He added, “You need to be passionate about what you do and you really need to connect with the audiences. If you don’t, you’re failing.”

About The Who’s Latest Concerts

The Who’s most recent concerts to date took place on March 18 and March 20 at the Royal Albert Hall in London as part of the 2024 Teenage Cancer Trust Benefit Concert series.

Townshend, of course, has changed his attitude frequently over the years regarding how he feels about touring and recording with The Who, so it remains to be seen whether the band is done as a performing entity.

About Daltrey’s 2024 Solo Tour

Meanwhile, Daltrey is preparing to launch a U.S. tour with his solo band in the coming weeks. He has a one-off show in San Diego on May 5, and then will return for an 11-date trek running from June 10 to June 29.

Tickets for Daltrey’s concerts are available now via various outlets, including StubHub.

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