Thomas Rhett Reveals the One Song of His That His Wife Hates “With a Passion”

Earlier this month, Thomas Rhett released his latest single “Beautiful as You.” His wife Lauren inspired the song and counts it among one of her favorites from his catalog. However, she doesn’t like everything her hubby has released. There’s one song, in particular, she would prefer to never hear again.

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In a recent interview with Taste of Country Nights, Rhett revealed some of his wife’s favorite songs from his discography. He also shared the one song of his that she has hated since the first time she heard it.

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Thomas Rhett Reveals His Wife’s Favorite and Least Favorite Songs of His

In the interview, he pointed out that she’s never stated what her favorite songs of his are. Instead, he figured it out by watching her emotions and reactions to tracks he shows her. Additionally, he listens to the ones she plays the most often. With that information, he’s pretty sure he has her top three figured out.

“Well, I mean, I think ‘Die a Happy Man’ would be one for sure,” he revealed. That makes sense. Rhett co-penned the song with Sean Douglas, Joe London, and Joe Spargur based on their marriage. “Think ‘Look What God Gave Her’ would be 2,” he added. That song came from his 2019 album Center Point Road. He co-penned it with his dad, Rhett Akins, Ammar Malik, Jacob Hindin, John Ryan, and Julian Bunetta. It’s another song inspired by Lauren.

“I’m hoping that ‘Beautiful as You’ tops, at least ‘Look What God Gave Her’ for her,” Rhett added.

“My wife is a melody person. She loves to move and loves to smile,” he explained. Then, he revealed her least favorite song from his discography. It’s “Make Me Wanna” from his 2013 debut album It Goes Like This. Rhett co-wrote that one with Bart Butler and Larry McCoy.

“She hated ‘Make Me Wanna’ with a passion. Still does,” Rhett said. “Every year she asks me, ‘Are you taking ‘Make me Wanna’ out of the setlist this year?’,” he added. With more than 148 million streams, it is one of the most popular tracks on the album. However, it’s easy to see why his wife is ready to never hear it again.

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