Viral Moment of Lady Gaga Being Hit With Plushy Has Harmless Backstory

During the Toronto stop on Lady Gaga’s The Chromatica Ball Tour, a plushy was pelted at the singer’s head. The stuffed toy just barely sideswiped the singer’s dome, but the internet became enraged at the notion of a fan aiming for Gaga’s head. “How do some fans think this is okay,” one fan wrote on Twitter regarding the toss. “This is so dangerous and sad.”

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Now, after this moment continued to gain traction online, the plushy-thrower spoke out about the toss. And as it turns out, his intentions were not only harmless but part of a Mexican tradition. More specifically, throwing a Dr. Simi toy character on the stage of a beloved performer has been a way of welcoming that artist to Mexico. Dr. Simi is a character created by the Mexican pharmacy chain Farmacias Similar, and it is based on the famous movie actor Joaquín Pardavé. The dolls themselves are handmade by people with disabilities in Puebla, Mexico.

Richie (surname anonymous), the tosser in question, explained that while not actually in Mexico, he threw the doll as a way of embracing that accepting spirit and celebrating one of his favorite singers. “I was like yeah, let’s do that, it’s a Mexican tradition,” Richie said. “If she doesn’t come to Mexico, we will take Mexico to her.

“It’s been almost 10 years since the last time Gaga came to Mexico, so we all know it won’t happen soon,” he continued. Additionally, before Richie threw the doll, he wrote, “MEXICO STILL LOVES U… paws up!” on the doll’s white lab coat.

Then, Richie threw the doll. “It was never my intention to hit her in the head,” he added. “I just wanted her to see the plushy or maybe grab it, but it didn’t go as planned.”

It sounds like a tour stop is overdue for the “Poker Face” singer.

Photo Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

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