Watch: Kelly Clarkson Breaks Even While Covering The Script’s 2008 Hit on Kellyoke

On a recent edition of Kellyoke, Kelly Clarkson took on The Script’s “Breakeven,” covering the 2008 hit with her usual clear, controlled vocals and showing off her range. Sonically, the cover was similar to the original, but with more of the rock sound that Clarkson’s band brings to Kellyoke.

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In a video posted on The Kelly Clarkson Show’s YouTube channel, Clarkson began the cover with a lighter, gentler tone before kicking it up a notch in the chorus. She hit impressive octave changes and belted the chorus for her audience, and it’s no wonder she’s America’s original Idol. Clarkson has kept her voice trained and strong over the past 20 years, and she still puts on a solid performance even if it’s just karaoke on her daytime talk show.

Other recent Kellyoke performances have been Madonna’s “Lucky Star,” which infused the pop hit with a more rock ‘n’ roll sound. While the original song is more sparkly and sweet, Clarkson’s rendition added a bit of grunge to it, keeping it upbeat but sprinkling in a bit of spice.

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She has also previously covered Cody Johnson’s “When It Comes To You,” giving a flawless performance for her audience before starting the show. Johnson’s song is melancholy and full of longing, and Clarkson used mood lighting to emulate those aspects of the song on set as well as in her voice.

Clarkson’s aptly named My Band Y’all always captures the right sound for whichever song she’s covering, usually keeping close to the original but also making it their own. Clarkson herself also has the talent to turn these songs on their heads, fully employing her award-winning voice to give her audience something special before each show.

Clarkson sometimes performs with her guests as well. She recently sang her “dream duet” with Alanis Morissette while Canada’s alt-rock sweetheart was on her show. They gave a stripped-down rendition of “You Oughta Know,” which channeled the anger and fury of the original recording into something softer and more grown-up. Not only was the audience treated to a one-of-a-kind performance, but Clarkson herself was over the moon that Morissette sang with her. In true Clarkson fashion, she laid on the floor for a second after the duet just to take it all in.

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