‘American Idol’ Runner-up Will Moseley Reveals Exciting Plans With Luke Bryan They’ve Yet To Cash In On

Will Moseley ended his American Idol run as runner-up to Abi Carter, and he’s been making the rounds and playing shows recently in support of his achievement and to further his career. Speaking with Us Weekly, he shared a little bit about his experience off-screen during the show, including how he’s bonded with the judges.

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“Everyone always wants to know who’s the coolest judge,” he said when asked about off-screen moments. “They’re all so great in their own unique way. You know, me and Luke [Bryan] have a fishing trip planned out that we haven’t cashed in on yet,” Moseley revealed with a smile.

He went on to describe the other judges, Lionel Richie and Katy Perry, as well. “Lionel was super cool. He made sure that I knew that if I needed anything he was a phone call away, if there was any advice or anything in general, you know, he would be there. Katy was the same way, and you know, Katy’s leaving, she’s going on tour, she’s playing more shows, and I said, ‘Katy, I would love to come to one of your shows.’ And she said, ‘Anytime you see that we’re gonna be close by, let us know, we’ll get you in.'”

Moseley continued, “So, each one of them had their own thing and they’re so supportive in their own unique ways. And I’m excited to see how we work with all three of them in the future.”

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American Idol Alum Jack Blocker on His Surprising Dynamic with Katy Perry

American Idol judge Katy Perry initially voted no on Jack Blocker when he auditioned for the show, but he ended up going to Hollywood and proving himself as he ended the show in third place behind Will Moseley and Abi Carter. Now, he’s revealed that, even though Perry voted no, they developed a surprising dynamic as the show continued.

Apparently, as the show progressed and Blocker continuously delivered amazing performances, Perry found herself apologizing for her choice at every turn. Since then, Blocker revealed that Perry is now a “good friend,” despite her earlier misgivings.

“We’re close now,” Blocker said in a recent talk with Us Weekly. Apparently, though, it took some time to get close. “Once we got to L.A… she’d come up after a show and she’d kind of give me a look like, ‘What are you doing?’” Blocker recalled. “And then at the end… she came up to me and she was like, ‘What happens if you win this thing?’”

Perry evidently changed her mind about Blocker, because she chose to do her end-of-show duet with him. The two sang Perry’s hit “What Makes a Woman,” showing off their newfound chemistry.

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