Beyoncé’s Father Discusses Singer’s Country Inspiration as “Texas ‘Hold Em” Tops Charts in Historical Feat

Although it’s been controversial, Beyoncé’s journey into country music is a proven success. The artist’s song “Texas Hold ‘Em” topped Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart. This marks the first time a female black artist has topped the charts.

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Beyoncé beat out Zach Bryan and Kacey Musgraves’ “I Remember Everything.” “Texas Hold ‘Em” is currently No. 54 on Country Airplay as well. Billboard takes a combination of streaming data as well as radio airplay and sales for its Hot Country Songs chart. Comparatively, Country Airplay chart just accounts for airplay time from radio stations across the country.

Beyoncé’s top charting success marks a big moment for the artist as she returns to her Texas roots. In an interview with BBC, her father Matthew Knowles said the artist has listened to music since she was little. It’s always been a part of Knowles.

He said, “Her grandfather – my father – loved country music, and he used to sing to her. At an early age, she heard this music. And when you’re two, three years old, subconsciously music stays in your head.”

Fans Weigh In on Beyoncé Topping Charts

Fans took to social media to congratulate Beyoncé on her accomplishment. On X, one fan wrote, “Congratulations to @Beyonce for her Country album. I love the way we’re trying to bring the two groups together. I’m thinking Shania may even be impressed.”

Another wrote, “Congrats to Beyoncé for being #1 country artists. Woot woot.”

However, not everyone was happy about it. Country purists are still up in arms over Beyoncé’s song. One wrote, “i have nothing against beyonce but how is she #1 on the country charts rn? i get she just released a song, but no one i know has even listened to it once and i haven’t heard it on radio once.”

Beyoncé’s father believes his daughter should be celebrated. He pointed out that Beyoncé will attract new listeners to the genre. He said, “The country music industry should really look at that as a plus not a minus, that she’s bringing a completely new audience.”

Beyoncé’s new songs garnered supporters and critics alike. Dukes of Hazzard star John Schneider garnered backlash for comparing Beyoncé to an animal. “They’ve got to make their mark, just like a dog in a dog walk park,” Schneider said. “You know, every dog has to mark every tree, right? So that’s what’s going on here.”

However, Beyoncé got support from established country staples like Lainey Wilson and also Bobby Bones as well. “I think it’s awesome for the country music genre,” Wilson said. “Everybody wants to feel at home, and country music makes you feel at home.” Wilson continued, “So Beyoncé, come on home, girl!”

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