Bong-Ripping Phish Fan Known as “Acid Farts” Who Was Banned From the Sphere Is Now Unbanned

What’s better than smoking a bong during a Phish show at the Sphere? Being unbanned from the Sphere after the venue rescinded its verdict. Previously, a Phish fan who posted a video of himself smoking weed at the Sphere in April was banned from all MSG Entertainment venues around the U.S. The fan’s name has not been publicly released, but he first posted the video on his social media, then posted the letter he received from Sphere Entertainment about the ban.

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According to a report from Variety, Sphere Entertainment has now had a change of heart. A spokesperson claimed, “There was a breakdown in our process due to a change in personnel which resulted in the letter being sent inadvertently. This customer is not banned from our properties.”

The statement continued, “However, it is still against our policies, which are in accordance with local laws, to smoke, bring glassware into our venues, and disrupt other fans’ enjoyment of the event.”

When he received the letter from Sphere Entertainment, the fan—known only by his username, Acid Farts—saw it as a “plaque” commemorating his achievement. People on social media wondered how he managed to sneak that large of a bong into the Sphere in the first place, to which Acid Farts refused to share his secret. According to a report from Rolling Stone, who spoke with Acid Farts, he had “no regrets” about his actions.

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Man Who Smoked a Bong in the Sphere Subsequently Unbanned After Change in Personnel

Initially, Acid Farts was sent a letter by MSG counsel Christopher Schimpf. He posted the letter on social media, which read, “Sphere Entertainment Co. will not tolerate actions that threaten the safety and security of our guests and employees. In light of your conduct, you are indefinitely banned from Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall, the Beacon Theatre, the Chicago Theatre, Sphere and any other MSG venue.”

The letter concluded that, should the fan enter any MSG venue or appear in the outside areas, “law enforcement will be contacted to ensure your expulsion and you will be subject to the penalties.”

When asked about the ban, Acid Farts claimed there are other places to see Phish. He also seemed unapologetic about his actions. In the video he posted, he blows a huge plume of smoke into the rows of people behind him. Many fans applauded and cheered the showing, although it is unknown whether all the guests in those rows felt the same.

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