Cody Johnson Officially Strikes Gold Thanks To Hit Song “Dirt Cheap”

Drawing inspiration from country greats like George Strait and Willie Nelson, Cody Johnson eventually stepped into the spotlight with albums like Black and White Label, Live and Rocking, and Ain’t Nothin’ to It. His last album, Leather, released in 2023 with fans praising the songs. And with his career only expanding, it appears that Leather is more than a fan favorite as one of his songs from the album, “Dirt Cheap”, recently crossed an important milestone for the country singer. 

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Although loving the spotlight, Johnson explained what mattered most to him in the song “Dirt Cheap.” Instead of riches and fame, the country singer seemed to cherish the simpler life that featured living on a farm. And it appears the song struck a chord with fans as it was recently certified Gold by the RIAA. For those who might not know, to be certified Gold, the song needed to move over 500,000 units. 

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Cody Johnson Praises His Wife For Motivating Him To Keep Going

When the music video released for “Dirt Cheap”, which brought in nearly one million views, fans expressed their love for the lyrics, writing, “Nobody will ever top the king of country…. But this guys about as close as anyone’s going to get, for years we’ve waited for that one person to get close to it….Cody Johnson is here guys.” One person continued, “don’t think I’ve ever cried to a music video in my entire life but this Cody was a masterpiece thank you and you give me a new perspective on things so thank you to all the farmers and ranchers out there for what you do.”

While a top name in country music, Johnson once struggled to break into the industry and often pondered on quitting. Thankfully, his wife, Brandi Johnson, never let him. Speaking on the passion and love shown by his wife, the singer said, “There are times I’ve wanted to quit music in the last five years even. I’ve come home and said, ‘I’m done. I can’t do this anymore. It’s eating me up.’ And she’d say, ‘Yes, you can. You got to. You’ve got to get back to work, have a better mindset, and push through.’ And I did. If I had to give it all up for her, I’d do it.” 

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