Country Star Kane Brown Makes Final Decision on Retirement Plans

2024 marks a decade since Kane Brown broke into the music industry. In that time, the singer released three studio albums, with the latest, Different Man, hitting shelves back in 2022. Besides spending time in the studio, Brown also landed 10 No. 1 singles and received numerous awards including the Favorite Country Album and the Favorite Country Song at the American Music Awards. And who could forget his duets with his wife, Katelyn? With his stardom only growing, the singer recently discussed his future and his plans to retire.

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While Brown loves to share his music with fans and perform on stage, nothing beats being at home with his wife and two girls. Having purchased a home in Florida, the growing family appears to be soaking in the home life. And that life is only getting better as Katelyn is expected to welcome a boy to the family later this year. Juggling both a career and family, when asked by Taste of Country about retiring, Brown insisted, “No. I love family life, but I can do both.” 

Kane Brown Took His Wife’s Advice

Although Brown is ecstatic to welcome a boy to the family, on Thursday, he appeared on The Bobby Bones Show and discussed getting a vasectomy after learning about Katelyn’s pregnancy. Recalling how he learned about the news, he said, “We get on the plane. As I’m taking off I hear Kate say, ‘I think I’m pregnant’ and it [the phone] cuts out. So my whole flight down I’m like, ‘Oh my God. What’s going on?’” Brown continued, “I was like I hope that she’s wrong. But then we found out it was a boy and I was like, ‘Okay it’s God’s plan. We have two girls. We weren’t trying this time.’”

Getting encouragement from his wife, Brown eventually followed through with getting a vasectomy. Joking about the experience, he said, “It didn’t hurt. For me, it was so weird. I mean they gave me gas or whatever. I’m laying on my back and have a nurse over me and a doctor and they’re just talking about their day and I’m just laying on this table.” 

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Brown was sure to add he wasn’t too “sky high” to forget the procedure. “I’m not out of it at all. I’m just you know sky high. They’re just having their conversation about their day and all this stuff and you’re just on the table spread eagle. It was wild.”

With their family preparing for a new member, it seems that Brown has found the perfect balance between stardom and fatherhood. 

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