From ‘The Voice’ to Busking: Team Reba Contestant Seen Singing for Tips on the Streets of Nashville

Throughout season 25 of The Voice, fans watched as singers like Josh Sanders and Asher HaVon battled it out to become the latest winner. But before the singer was announced, coaches John Legend, Chance the Rapper, Reba McEntire, and Dan + Shay looked to build the perfect team. And for Reba, she believed Donny Van Slee was the perfect voice. Although he eventually ended his run on the show, it appears his dreams of stardom are still a priority as he spent Memorial Day performing outside Nashville’s Parthenon for tips. 

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Fashioned with a tent and a love for music, Van Slee entertained fans with a sign reading “As see on The Voice.” He added, “Team Reba, S25.” Excited to continue his career in music, the chiropractor shared his Memorial Day performance on Instagram. Fans loved the idea with comments reading “I wish I would have seen this before and I would have come down there!! Hate I missed it.” Another person added, “You’re still my favorite from my Nashville trip in 2021.”

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Donny Van Slee Loved His Time On ‘The Voice’

During his time on The Voice, Van Slee caught the attention of Reba when he performed LANCO’s “Greatest Love Story” for his blind audition. Getting the country icon to turn her chair, Reba even used her block to stop Dan + Shay from stealing him. “I love your voice. I love the little raspiness, and when I heard you, my first thought was ‘Block them!’”  

While a favorite on the show, Van Slee ended his run when Reba decided to pick Sanders over him. Discussing her decision, Reba admitted, “Donny is a huge talent. It just flows out of him on stage, but I chose Josh because vocally, Josh just stepped up to the plate. I think America’s going to fall in love with Josh.”  

Discussing his time on The Voice, Van Slee had no regrets and gave a glimpse behind the scenes. “What you see on TV is about 5% of what actual goes on. I truly cant even begin to explain how amazing of an experience it was to be apart of this show. The best part of it all was how close we all became jamming by the pool, in the hallways, and in our rooms. I love you guys from the bottom of my heart and so excited to watch everyone’s careers unfold.” 

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