Jelly Roll Opens up About Inspirational Weight-Loss Journey, Training for Half Marathon, and Setting Ambitious Goals

Continuing to expand his grasp on country music, Jelly Roll is quickly becoming a top name in the genre as he released songs like “Son of a Sinner.” Having won numerous awards and shared his love for his wife, Bunnie XO, the singer is also looking to dominate the scale. Over the last few months, Jelly Roll focused on his weight and hoped to get healthier. In late May, he joined forces with Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer to complete his first 5K. And seeming to get hooked, the country star now looks ahead as he trains for his next half marathon. 

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Speaking with Mo and StyckMan, Jelly Roll opened up about his weight-loss journey and how he hoped to complete another half marathon by the end of the year. “I told them next fall is the goal. Late fall or early winter, and man, right now, I’m just walking….like you just said, walking around the block. When I started training for my 5k, I couldn’t walk to the end of the driveway and back almost without sounding like a, uhh, French Bulldog. You know what I mean.” 

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Jelly Roll Shares His Routine

Besides announcing his upcoming goals, Jelly Roll also shared his workout routine. “Jogging when I can. Just pushing, trying to get further and further along. I’ll start getting with a real running coach whenever I get to where… I’m doing about two miles a day, 3-4 days a week. Yeah, I’m trying to do 10 miles a week. When I get to 20 miles a week is when I’m going to start calling in a coach and be like, ‘Alright, I think I’m ready to start specifically training.’” 

While looking to get healthier and shed some pounds during the process, the singer also set a weight loss goal. Meeting with Gary Brecka, Jelly Roll set a goal to lose an impressive 250 pounds in just 14 months. And with the singer dominating his first marathon, it appears Jelly Roll remains focused on his journey as he even takes time to workout while on tour. He explained how he walks around the arena and backstage to help him stay active. 

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