John Mellencamp on Gun Control: “Politicians Don’t Give a F–k About You, They Don’t Give a F–k About Me”

John Mellencamp has something to say about gun control and the politicians who have yet to act after the horrible tragedies in Uvalde, Texas, Buffalo, New York, and countless other cities in America this year.

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Taking to Twitter on Tuesday (June 12), Mellencamp wrote, “Only in America, and I mean only, in America, can 21 people be murdered and a week later be buried and forgotten, with a flimsy little thumbnail, a vague notion of some sort of gun control law laying on the senators’ desks.

“What kind of people are we who claim that we care about pro-life? Just so you know, anyone that’s reading this… politicians don’t give a fuck about you, they don’t give a fuck about me, and they don’t give a fuck about our children.

“So, with that cheery thought in mind, have a happy summer, because it will be just a short time before it happens again.”

The Grammy Award-winning songwriter and performer has long been outspoken about American politics, specifically the hypocrisy when it comes to representatives, often those on the Republican side of the aisle.

But of late, gun control issues have become less and less partisan politics, with the majority of Americans supporting so-called Red Flag Laws, assault weapon bans, and general common-sense gun laws. Now, in the wake of more recent shootings, including those in Uvalde and Buffalo, Mellencamp is fed up, like so many others.

And as more news trickles out of Uvalde, specifically, the more eyebrow-raising the situation seems.

As popular Twitter user and former NBA star Rex Chapman points out, “It gets worse and worse in Uvalde.

“‘Officer husband of slain Uvalde teacher was detained, had gun taken away after trying to save wife.'”

Truly, Mellencamp is not alone in his feelings of despair. He’s not the only musician who feels that way, with many recently calling for action, from Jack White and Stevie Nicks to Allison Russell, Selena Gomez, Garth Brooks and John Legend also speaking up, among many more.

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