Kid Cudi Reflects on Auditioning for 2017 Film ‘Get Out’

Over the past few years, seasoned rapper Kid Cudi has directed more of his time and energy into his acting career. Whether it be voice-acting in his self-produced Netflix animated film Entergalactic (2022), starring in 2022 horror film X, or appearing the the star-studded blockbuster Don’t Look Up (2021), Cudi has had no issues breaking into the entertainment industry. Or so we thought.

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During a Q&A with fans on Twitter last Friday (September 8), Cudi revealed that he auditioned to star in Jordan Peele’s 2017 Oscar-winning film Get Out, as he hoped to land the role of the main character Chris. The role was eventually given to the beloved Daniel Kaluuya, though, which Cudi said was discouraging for him at the time.

“I wish I got Get Out,” he tweeted. “I auditioned and Jordan was impressed and I thought I ate that shit up. I was so salty I didn’t get it that I didn’t even go see it in the theater when it was poppin’. I watched it a year later at home pissed about that. I was sick haha but to be real, Daniel was the best choice he’s a master and did a [phenomenal] job.”

This revelation from Cudi happened to come out on the same day that he announced a campaign with the iconic sci-fi franchise Star Trek. Though it will not necessarily feature him acting in an upcoming project, Cudi’s upcoming collaboration is said to include a “unique lens on music with an original song inspired by Star Trek, an interactive gaming component, and a bold fashion collaboration with Star Trek that will launch this October,” according to a press release.

“I grew up watching Star Trek with my dad who is single-handedly responsible for turning me into a fan,” Cudi said in a statement attached to the release. “The most important thing to me is to be as authentic as possible. Star Trek’s mission has always been about having a hopeful future and when I was first approached about this project it was the perfect marriage of all the things I believe in – being brave and a hero by doing what’s right and fighting for freedom. I can’t wait to share my love of this incredible franchise with the world.”

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Cudi’s impending Star Trek-inspired song, titled “Boldly Be,” will come just a few months before his next studio album INSANO, which was initially set to come out this month but was recently delayed to January.

Watch the Kid Cudi/Star Trek teaser below.

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