Lainey Wilson Continues Her Story With New “4x4xU” Music Video

Lainey Wilson is continuing the story she laid out in the music video for “Hang Tight Honey” with a new music video for her recent single, “4x4xU.” She released the single and video on July 4, teasing the surprise at the end of the “Hang Tight Honey” video.

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The new video picks up where the other video left off, with the two characters holding hands with the road stretching out in front of them. Lainey Wilson looks to her right, and there’s an old pick-up truck waiting for them. Wilson begins the sweet ballad while the two begin their journey home, with Wilson leaning out the window and counting her gig money in the passenger seat.

While “Hang Tight Honey” is about playing shows, making money, and missing your honey on the road, “4x4xU” is more about the aftermath of tour, being home and enjoying the little things. The “Hang Tight Honey” music video was vintage-inspired, traveling through the 60s and 70s. However, “4x4xU” is rooted in the present, but still has that dreamy feeling that connects the two videos.

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Lainey Wilson Releases New Single and Video Ahead of Whirlwind Album

In addition to the three singles—”Country’s Cool Again,” “Hang Tight Honey,” and “4x4xU”—Lainey Wilson also released the full tracklist for her forthcoming album Whirlwind. The album drops on August 23, and includes other titles like “Good Horses” featuring Miranda Lambert, “Broken Hearts Still Beat,” “Call A Cowboy,” and “Bar in Baton Rouge,” among others.

Recently speaking with Sunday Sitdown, Wilson touched on her new album and how things have changed so much in her career. “Even after ‘Things A Man Oughta Know,’ with our first hit, I could barely sell a ticket,” she said. “It was the strangest thing. A lot of people know the songs on the radio, but they don’t know who sings them. Like I need to be on TikTok as much as I can, they need to know me as a friend, and then get to know my music. And so I really kind of lead with that foot, and then ‘Yellowstone’ happened.”

When Wilson joined the cast of Yellowstone, some people finally saw a face connected to the hit songs. Her traction picked up, and her career became a whirlwind. Now, she’s reigning ACM Entertainer of the Year, and doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

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