Michael Bublé Says Son’s Cancer Battle “Was a Sledgehammer to My Reality,” Reveals Promise He Made to Himself in the Moment

When looking at Michael Bublé and his time in the music industry, the singer’s career flourished as his voice brought fans back to a time of traditional pop. And it only grew when he stepped into the world of Christmas music. Throughout his career, the singer sold over 75 million records, won five Grammy Awards, and received the name Mr. Christmas. While it is easy to measure his success and consider the artist a top talent among performers, he found his entire reality crumbling when his son, Noah, was diagnosed with cancer. Besides struggling with the helplessness that comes with such a disease, Bublé recently discussed how the cancer was a “sledgehammer” to his world. 

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Appearing on the Diary of a CEO podcast with host Steven Bartlett, Bublé discussed a plethora of topics, but nothing hit home like talking about his son battling cancer. While some might not know, in 2016, Noah was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma, which is a rare liver cancer. In addition to having to go through intense treatment to fight the disease, the singer admitted, “My son’s cancer diagnosis rocked my world and pulled the curtain from over my eyes.” He added, “I don’t think that I had context, and that was the sledgehammer to my reality.”

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With the cancer diagnosis rocking his world and family, Bublé revealed it made him take a hard look at his life, making him realize he didn’t have his priorities in the right order. “When it actually happened, I was going through, I think, a crisis… I don’t think I had my priorities straight… There was no time to process it.”

Michael Bublé Admits “I Will Never Be Carefree”

While having to support his son through a time of uncertainty and fear, the singer made a promise to himself to be different moving forward. Bublé recalled the conversation he had with himself, telling Bartlett, “If we get out of this… I am living a different life. A better life. And I did… I want to be kinder, I want to be more empathetic.” He continued, “I never want to allow that ego and false self to take over. I want to know how lucky I am.” 

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Thankfully, Noah is now 10 years old and doing wonderful according to Bublé, but the singer never fell into his old ways, insisting, “I will never be carefree again in my life, and that is okay. It is a privilege for me to exist.”

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