Reba McEntire reveals how she's dealing with a chronic health issue

At age 61, Reba McEntire is still at the top of her game with a new faith-based album, “Sing It Now,” due out next month and a new primetime drama in development at ABC.

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Reba isn’t a superhuman, though. It turns out she’s got an ongoing health issue that she has to keep an eye on in order to keep up with that demanding schedule.

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She tells “The Tennessean,” “I’ve got a disc that kind of comes in and out, so I have to keep my core strength up so I can make it stay in. So I do Pilates and I get on the floor and I go to a physical therapist, and he has shown me how to strengthen my core and to keep me in line and in better health.”

Taking a cue from her 91-year-old mother, Jackie, Reba adds that she plans to stay active for the rest of her life.

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She says, “It takes you longer to get loosened up in the morning and longer to do your workouts, but I have to keep up. Mama is 91 and she’s still going strong and she hurts and she aches.”

Reba continues, “I’m trying to find all the natural remedies to make the arthritis go away and make me feel better so I can live as long as she has.”

Reba’s new double-album, “Sing It Now: Songs of Faith & Hope,” comes out Feb. 3.

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