Waves Audio Introduces Kaleidoscopes, A Suite of Classic Effects For Your Next Recording Project


Waves Audio products offer a wide range of signal processors, effects, mastering tools and more designed to make the recording process flow smoother for everyone from mixing engineers to home studio singer/songwriters.

The new Waves Kaleidoscopes is a suite of Phaser, Flanger, Chorus and Tremolo sounds, and takes its inspiration from the best analog modulation studio classics. Waves Audio went back to the classic effects of the past and handpicked their favorites, including ’60s phasing and tape flanging, ’70s stadium tremolo-guitar vibes and ’80s chorus sounds.

According to the company’s announcement, the plugin’s unique Dual Cascade engines enable you to combine or “cascade” any two effects for magical textures, either serially into one another for unique effects or run in parallel for wider soundscapes.

The plugin also features intelligent triggers that respond dynamically to your playing in real time, and an added THRU mode gives it a stompbox vibe, with the dry signal on one channel and the wet signal on the other. Kaleidoscopes also works well on drums, vocals, synths and guitars, adding depth, color and feel to your mixes.

Kaleidoscopes features:

•          Phaser, Flanger, Chorus & Tremolo super-suite

•          Best-of palette of analog modulation sounds based on studio classics

•          Secret weapon to make drums, vocals, synths and guitars move and breathe

•          Unique Dual Cascade architecture: “cascade” any two effects in series or run them in parallel for deeper soundscapes

•          Intelligent Triggering responds dynamically to your playing in real time

•          Selectable modulation sources: input, sidechain & diverse waveshapes

•          Speed, Resonance, Width, Depth & Mix controls per modulation engine

•          Five different effect characters for diverse analog flavors

•          THRU mode for the musician-favorite ‘Wet/Dry’ rig effect

Kaleidoscopes can be purchased as a standalone for $64.99, though there are often deals directly from the company with prices as low as $38.99. It is also included in Waves’ MercuryPro Show and SD7 Pro Show bundles.

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