Billie Eilish Pulls Double Duty as Host and Musical Guest on ‘Saturday Night Live

Grammy Award-winning artist and performer Billie Eilish wore many hats Saturday night (December 11) on the popular late-night variety show Saturday Night Live.

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The 19-year-old Los Angeles-born “Bad Guy” singer both performed and hosted SNL.

Eilish, who released her latest LP, Happier Than Ever, has made a number of headlines in 2021, from performing songs from The Nightmare Before Christmas live to joining the cast of Sesame Street to urging for climate change relief.

But on Saturday, it was all fun and games as Eilish opened with the standard monologue, poking fun at SNL‘s Colin Jost, and performing a number of traditional or musical skits.

Taking the stage in a flouncy pink dress to start the show, Eilish talked about her changing looks, which has been a topic of conversation among her fans and followers. She said: “I am so excited to be here. My name is Billie Eilish! If you don’t know me from my music, you may know me from my hair or my clothes. That is why I decided to dress like Mrs. Claus going to the club. But actually no, I’m only wearing this because after the show I got to go get married in an anime.

She continued, “Some people wonder why I started wearing baggy clothes. There was actually a good reason… so, it wasn’t just for comfort. Or for style. This is hard to say for me but the real reason is I was actually two kids stacked on stop of each other trying to sneak into an R-rated movie.”

Saturday Night Live tweeted out their excitement for Eilish’s double duty ahead of Saturday’s show, saying, “BILLIE! BILLIE! TONIGHT! TONIGHT!”

The show’s social media account also tweeted out a photo of the star at the table read, saying simply, “BILLIE!”

Check out Eilish’s performances of her songs, “Happier Than Ever” to “Male Fantasy,” below. Also, you can see Eilish perform Christmas-themed songs and skits, “Santa Song” and “Lonely Christmas Ad.”

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