Liam Gallagher Shocks Oasis Fans by Dedicating “Half the World Away” Tribute Performance to His “Little Brother”

Formed back during the 1990s, Oasis consisted of Liam Gallagher, Paul Arthurs, Paul McGuigan, Tony McCarroll, and eventually Noel Gallagher. For nearly twenty years, the band showcased their talents on stage as they sold an impressive 75 million albums worldwide. They also received numerous awards along the way. But it all came crashing down during the final concert in 2009. While both Liam and Noel find themselves in an ongoing feud, Liam recently shocked fans when he decided to perform “Half The World Away.” 

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Taking the stage for the final time back in 2009, Oasis celebrated their contributions to music with a concert in Paris. But tension hit a boiling point when both the brothers needed to be separated backstage. While the feud continues, Liam decided to kick off his Definitely Maybe 30th Anniversary tour with a special tribute to his “little brother.” 

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Liam Gallagher Hoped To Perform With Brother Once Again

With the performance making its way online, fans shared the same reaction as many who attended the concert. Gaining nearly 600,000 views, fans voiced their opinions, writing, “He sounds on form and it’s a great version but it’s Noel for me on this one, he makes it sound effortless” Another fan added, “Unapologetic Liam. What a vocal! Absolute Legend!” And one comment offered an entirely different take, suggesting “How is this in any way surprising. Man has been living off of those first two Oasis albums for 30 years. And let’s be real: not a single person is showing up to a Liam Gallagher wanting to hear a Beady Eye tune.”

While the feud between the two continues, it appears that Liam has reached out to Noel to try and fix their relationship and maybe perform together. When asked about the two sharing the stage once again, Liam insisted, “He’s been asked and he’s refused.”

Outside of their feud, Noel also discussed the rise of AI and the possibility of Oasis following Abba and KISS by creating digital avatars of the band. Although some singers have spoken against the use of AI in the music industry, Noel seemed receptive to the idea in hopes of propelling Oasis into a new era of entertainment.

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