‘Love is Blind’ Meets ‘The Voice’: Netflix is Planning a Singing Competition Show

Netflix is expanding into music competition shows as it plans a new series called Building The Band. The new show is being billed as Love is Blind meets The Voice, aiming to build the next great band out of 50 talented singers.

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According to a report from Stereogum, the show will begin with 50 singers competing to be the voice of a band they’ve never met. The numbers will be whittled down throughout the show, but the singer will not meet their bandmates until their final performance together. It will be interesting to see how that goes, as chemistry between members is important for a successful band.

Additionally, Netflix is planning a songwriting competition as well. Similar to NBC’s Songland, songwriters will compete against each other to write the best songs for professional artists. It is predicted that these two shows will arrive on the streaming platform in 2025.

Currently, there aren’t many details about the two shows. However, Deadline will be conducting an interview with Netflix’s head of reality TV, Jeff Gaspin, and will reveal more details on Friday (May 31).

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The Voice Crowns Winner, While Katy Perry Hasn’t Yet Revealed Her American Idol Replacement

Last week was a whirlwind for The Voice and American Idol. The two shows crowned their winners—Asher HaVon on The Voice and Abi Carter on American Idol—while Katy Perry still hasn’t revealed who will take her place at the judges table. It was a week of celebration but also of speculation.

Asher HaVon recently opened up to Kelly Clarkson about his big win on The Voice, including what coach Reba McEntire told him. When asked if Reba offered any advice, Asher said she told him “To just trust my gift.” He continued, “I thought coming on this show I needed to sound like somebody else exactly but hearing her say trust your gift really meant everything to me and I did.” 

Meanwhile, Abi Carter has also discussed her American Idol win, expressing to People that she “can’t even express how amazing that was.” When Abi’s name was called, she fell to her knees on the stage and wept. Speaking about that moment, she added, “To be honest, they wouldn’t have gotten a better reaction. My default is just to cry, but I hope everyone knows it really is genuine. I think it was the most emotional day of my life, and yet, I feel so numb. It’s so interesting.”

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