Mariah Carey Shares Unique Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Tradition

When it comes to Christmas time, each family has their own traditions to help them get into the holiday spirit. For some, it’s going to see Christmas lights. For others, it is picking out just the right Christmas tree. But for Mariah Carey, it’s having two completely different Christmas trees in her home. While Carey is a part of every person’s holiday thanks to “All I Want for Christmas is You”, she recently discussed how she keeps two different trees in her house with each one having an entirely different purpose. 

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Sitting down with PEOPLE to discuss all things Christmas, Carey revealed that one of her favorite traditions is to have two trees in her house to help spread the holiday spirit. Detailing what the first tree looks like, the singer noted, “One is the more grand, you know, kind of gold and cream and sparkly angels and butterflies tree that I have every year that makes me really happy.” 

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While sounding like the perfect tree to fit Carey’s personality, she went on to describe the second tree, which happened to carry more sentimental value. “The other one is kind of like a Charlie Brown tree, where we do Polaroids of ourselves and put them on the tree. It’s fun because it’s a sad little tree, but we decorate it, and it’s cute, and it’s got the colorful lights. Some of my fans have made ornaments for me, so we try to save those and put them up on the tree as well. Peanuts forever!”

Mariah Carey lands in The National Recording Registry

Fully embracing Christmas while keeping what truly matters in mind, Carey found herself a part of the holiday itself thanks to her 1994 hit song. Although released nearly 30 years ago, “All I Want for Christmas is You” didn’t dominate Christmas till 2017 when it landed in the Top 10 on Billboard’s all-genre Hot 100. Two years after that – it hit No. 1. 

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With it impossible to make it through the holidays without hearing the hit, the Library of Congress eventually placed it into the National Recording Registry in 2023. Ecstatic over the news, Carey praised the moment, admitting she never imagined the song becoming a part of Christmas itself.

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