Post Malone Shares Teaser for New Country Banger Featuring the Iconic Blake Shelton

While spending a little over a decade in the music industry, Post Malone used every minute to not only share his love for genres like hip hop and trap but also to release five studio albums. Already selling over 80 million albums worldwide, the hitmaker has continuously hinted at his step into country music. Just over the last year, Malone teamed up with Morgan Wallen on “I Had Some Help” and Beyonce on “Leviis Jeans.” And showing no signs of slowing down, it appears the singer is now teaming up with another country great, Blake Shelton. 

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Post Malone Teases Blake Shelton Collaboration

Sharing a post on Instagram, Malone enjoyed a beer while listening to his new collaboration with Shelton. Covering several country songs like “You Can Have The Crown” and “I’m Gonna Miss Her”, the singer continues to move closer to his own country album. 

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Post Malone Feels Like A “Hard Ass” Thanks To Country Music

Gaining over 500,000 likes, fans filled the comment section with praise and longing for his country album. “He’s releasing new music like it’s nobody business… this is what everybody was waiting for. My guy is finally happy. You can read it on his face.” Another fan added, “How does everything you do and everyone you do it with sound so freaking good?!?” And one comment insisted, “You’re just a happy dude, and that makes me happy. Let’s crack a cold one together someday. Cheers.”

Just last year, Malone sat down with Joe Rogan to discuss his time in music. Sharing his deep love for country music, the singer explained a few of his influences. “The whole Johnny Cash… he always sang murder ballads, you know what I mean? It’s like, I shot a fuckin’ dude in Reno, I shot the guy that my wife loves, all this shit. It’s the old school production, it’s the old school voice. And I find a lot of the time in country now, it’s very overproduced. And so what I love about Colter and Tyler and everything is it’s just more traditional in that way.”

Explaining how country music makes him feel, Malone joked, “Whenever I’m listening to country, it makes me feel like I’m a hard ass.”

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