Scotty McCreery Reflects on His Friendship With Garth Brooks and Why He’s Always “Indebted to Him”

American Idol champion Scotty McCreery recently released his fifth studio album Rise & Fall. Those listening to the album can hear some of his influences bleeding through. For instance, fans will hear strains of classic country music throughout the collection. Additionally, it is impossible to ignore the influence of Garth Brooks on McCreery’s music. In a recent interview, he revealed that Brooks is more than an influence, he’s a friend.

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McCreery recently sat down with Holler to talk about his new album, his influences, his plans for the future, and more. During the conversation, he revealed that he has developed a friendship with Brooks.

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Scotty McCreery on His Friendship with Garth Brooks

Scotty McCreery, like many younger country fans in their 30s, grew up listening to Garth Brooks. “Garth is Garth. There are no other Garths out there,” he said. “I grew up listening to his stuff, and just ever since I got started he’s been so kind to me and my family, inviting us out to his shows,” he added.

“I’ve gotten to know his family a little bit over the years, so he’s just always been an influence, but to be able to say he’s a friend too is pretty cool for me,” McCreery added.

Recently, Brooks invited McCreery to join the Grand Ole Opry. During the conversation, he revealed how special that was. “The fact that he flew in—he was on the West Coast that weekend—to invite me to join the Grand Ole Opry was pretty special for me. So, I’ll always be indebted to him,” he explained.

McCreery Will Be Busy This Year

The American Idol alum planned to be less busy this year than in 2023. However, that’s not going to happen. He’s not complaining, though. “Busy is a good thing. I’ll never complain about it, but we’re setting up this album and we’ve got a lot of fun dates on the road,” he said. “I get to bring my wife and baby on the bus with us. So, it still feels like home out there a little bit.”

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