What are the Top 20 Beatles Songs?



Would you believe in a list of the best Beatles songs? Yes, we’re certain that you rank them all the time.

We’ve finished naming our pick for the Number 1 song from the most influential band in rock history, and possibly the greatest pop songwriters the world’s ever known. The band recorded more than 300 tracks in total, and all of them are arguably classics. We’ve rolled out all 20 of them, top-notchers, one-by-one, and now they’re all in one place for your viewing and debating pleasure.

1. “A Day In The Life” 2. “Something” 3. “Strawberry Field Forever” 4. “Hey Jude” 5. “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” 6. “I Am The Walrus” 7. “Here Comes The Sun” 8. “Across The Universe” 9. “Help!” 10. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds 11. “All You Need Is Love” 12. “Yesterday” 13. “Julia” 14. “Tomorrow Never Knows 15. “With A Little Help From My Friends” 16. “Blackbird” 17. “Let It Be” 18. “She Loves You” 19. “A Hard Day’s Night” 20. “Two Of Us”

Now we want to hear from you. What do you think the Beatles’ best songs were? Is “Julia” really worthy of its ranking in our Beatles Top 20? What’s the ultimate, all-time number one contender for best Beatles song in your mind?

Let us hear what you have to say. And thanks for reading.

Peace and Love,

American Songwriter


  1. My top 20:
    1. Here, There and Everywhere
    2. Happiness is a Warm Gun
    3. A Day in the Life
    4. Hey Jude
    5. You Never Give Me Your Money (the whole medley, really)
    6. Something
    7. For No One
    8. Strawberry Fields
    9. In My Life
    10. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
    11. Penny Lane
    12. Helter Skelter
    13. I Am the Walrus
    14. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
    15. Here Comes the Sun
    16. We Can Work it Out
    17. Get Back
    18. I Saw Her Standing There
    19. Let It Be
    20. Back In the U.S.S.R.

  2. 1) Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club
    2) Norwegian Wood
    3) Across the Universe
    4) Let it Be
    5) Hey Jude
    6) Two of Us
    7) Blackbird
    8) A Day in the Life
    9) I Want to Hold you Hand
    10) Day Tripper
    11) Drive my Car
    12) Revolution
    13) Taxman
    14) Nowhere Man
    15) Mean Mr. Mustard
    16) Happiness Is a Warm Gun
    17) Maxwells Silver Hammer
    18) She Loves You
    19) Hey Bulldog
    20) I Am the Walrus

  3. 20. Within You and Without You
    19. Hello Goodbye
    18. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
    17. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club/A Little Help from My Friends
    16. Across the Univers
    15. Strawberry Fields Forever
    14. Here Comes the Sun
    13. Hey Bulldog
    12. A Day in the Life
    11. I Want You/She’s So Heavy
    10. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
    9. I’m Happy Just to Dance with You
    8. All My Loving/ If I Fell
    7. I Saw Her Standing There
    6. Day Tripper
    5. Help!
    4. Something
    3. Ticket To Ride
    2. Let It Be/ Hey Jude
    1. Because

    Honourable mentions: Happiness is a Warm Gun
    Baby, You’re A Rich Man
    Dear Prudence
    I Am the Walrus
    I Should Have Known Better
    A Hard Day’s Night
    Penny Lance
    The Fool On the Hill
    Long and Winding Road
    She Loves You
    And I Love her

    The list changes as I change and rotate between these and many more Beatles songs all the time! Greatest band EVER!

  4. No. 20: “RAIN”
    No. 19: “SOMETHING”
    No. 17: “SHE LOVES YOU”
    No. 14: “IN MY LIFE”
    No. 13: “HELTER SKELTER”
    No. 12: “HEY BULLDOG”
    No. 11: “LET IT BE”
    No. 10: “I’ll BE BACK”
    No. 9: “REVOLUTION”
    No. 7: “NOWHERE MAN”
    No. 6: “SOMETHING”
    No. 5: “SEXY SADIE”
    No. 4: “PENNY LANE”
    No. 2: “A DAY IN THE LIFE”
    No. 1: “HEY JUDE””

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