Was Travis Kelce Spotted Crying in the Crowd of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Concert?

Throughout the NFL, fans watched as both Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce appeared to take over the sport with their budding romance. Sharing their love for each other, Swift proved herself to be a proud supporter of Kelce as she attended numerous games while she helmed her Eras Tour. While being one of the biggest stars in the world, Swift continuously supported Kelce as he helped the Kansas City Chiefs make it back to the Super Bowl. And marking her first year as an NFL fan, the singer watched as Kelce and the Chiefs won. But now, with the NFL season over, Kelce is the one traveling around the world, supporting Swift. And apparently, her music brings out a softer side of the tight end. 

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Since February, Kelce has been on somewhat of an international tour as he traveled to Australia to watch Swift perform in Sydney. After the concert, he then traveled to Asia to attend her concerts at the National Stadium in Singapore. With thousands of fans in attendance, many watched as Kelce danced along to the songs, but during one portion of the concert, a video showed him wiping away what appeared to be tears. 

While some fans insinuated that Kelce was simply wiping sweat from his face, numerous comments on the video pointed to Kelce being in his feelings.

“One user on X questioned, “Was he crying?” Another fan wrote “Travis emotional,” followed by a crying emoji.

Taylor Swift Takes Travis Kelce To The Zoo

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On a recent episode of his New Heights podcast, Kelce discussed his relationship with Swift and the constant pressure that surrounded them. Since their relationship went public, the couple has dealt with rumors of engagement, breakups, and more. With Swift accustomed to the lights and cameras of stardom, Kelce seemed shocked by how far the press was willing to go. When attending the Sydney Zoo, he said, “There were full-on helicopters just flying around. They helicoptered us. Well, not us — Taylor. This is all because Taylor is the biggest and the best thing possible.”

While dealing with rumors and cameras, Kelce admitted that he enjoyed his time at the zoo with Swift. And his favorite part seemed to involve the lion exhibit. He told his brother, Jason Kelce, “When you hear [them roar], cause Taylor took the picture … you’re just like, ‘Oh my gosh.’ Let alone one, you see three of them run down from their rock, their perch, knowing they’re about to get fed. You see how fast and agile that thing is — dude it’s over.”

With Kelce traveling the world with Swift, the couple appear happier than ever as their romance continues to grow. 

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