9-Year-Old Taylor Swift Megafan Battling Cancer Receives Special Gift From Singer

Having a love for music since a young age, Taylor Swift turned that love into a billion-dollar brand as she released twelve studio albums and helmed six tours. Her latest, The Eras Tour, practically took over the world throughout 2023 and now 2024. Taking fans on a musical journey through her life and career, the singer reached new heights as she currently holds 14 Grammy Awards. While thousands have attended her concerts, only a lucky few walk away with the coveted fedora from her performance of “22.” And one of those fans just happened to be a young girl battling cancer. 

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For 9-year-old Scarlett, there was nothing more important than seeing Swift perform in person. While many children spend their time laughing and playing, Scarlett battled an incurable form of brain cancer. Hoping to make her dream come true, her stepmother, Natalie, worked with the Make-A-Wish foundation to make that dream a reality. Sadly, they were unable to achieve their goal of meeting Swift. But thanks to the power of social media, Swifties joined forces to make sure Scarlett attended the concert. Thankful, Natalie posted online, “Scarlett is so excited and would absolutely love to receive the 22 hat from Taylor (as would everyone else I’m sure).” She added, “I just want her to experience everything in life and if anyone deserves a little happiness it’s her. She deserves the world.”

On Friday night, Scarlett made her way to the concert, holding a sign reading “Taylor can I have the 22 hat? Please.” Having no idea what was going to happen, she eventually found herself just inches away from Swift. And her dream of receiving the “22” fedora came true. Thankfully, the precious moment was caught on camera as the video went viral. 

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Not The First Swiftie To Go Viral Over Taylor Swift

While Swift tends to change the songs she performs during her concerts, it has become a running theme for her to hand out the fedora when singing “22”, which was featured on her album Red. Currently performing in Australia, the singer will jet over to Singapore next week as she continues to dominate the music industry and world. 

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Another Swiftie, Madison Blackband, also went viral when a video of her sobbing over Swift’s performance of “Exile” went viral. Speaking to Rolling Stone about the negative comments she received, Blackband insisted, “That’s just me. I’m just a passionate person. The opinion of people thinking that it’s embarrassing and stuff doesn’t mean anything to me because I never thought it was and I’m not going to think it is now just because someone says I should. I understand why people are laughing at it. I laughed at the video myself once I first watched it back.”

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