‘American Idol’ Winner Abi Carter Performs Original Song for Hometown Crowd, Makes Special Announcement

For fans of American Idol, they watched as Abi Carter showcased her wide range of talent throughout season 22. And never losing her passion or drive, the singer ended up becoming the next American Idol, narrowly beating Will Moseley. While winning American Idol a little over a month ago, Carter watched as her life completely changed with the rising star making numerous public appearances and performances. Most recently, Carter performed for the Coachella Valley Firebirds hockey team as they faced off against the Hershey Bears. And besides singing her new single, the star announced her first full concert. 

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While singing in front of thousands of hockey fans can be somewhat intimidating, the American Idol winner is used to the crowds given she performed the national anthem for the Firebirds back in May. But this time, Carter serenaded the crowd with her new single “This Isn’t Over.” And to make the moment even better, she wore a Firebirds jersey and even yelled “Firebirds Here We Go.” With the crowd roaring in excitement, Carter found it the perfect time to announce her first full concert would take place at the Acrisure Arena on July 27. 

With tickets going on sale on Tuesday, Carter’s ongoing success landed her numerous performances in New York, Nashville, Minneapolis, and Dallas. But Cater holds a special connection with the Firebirds given she is an Indio native. 

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Firebirds Gain Momentum Thanks To Abi Carter

When performing the national anthem for the Firebirds back in May, the team ended up scoring with less than a second left. Able to win 3-1, Kole Lind, the forward for the Firebirds, explained how Carter’s voice helped give them momentum. “It’s not very often you get an ‘American Idol’ winner in the building to sing the national anthem, so, yeah, and she sounded unbelievable and definitely got us going. I know the boys were fired up on the bench. We were yelling at each other and excited to go. That was obviously a pretty special moment to have her in the building. Glad she came out.”

With a concert taking place next month and new music on the way, Carter seems to be using her newfound stardom to launch a successful career in the music industry.

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