Jelly Roll Hilariously Recalls Going Skinny Dipping After Getting “Trashed” With Eric Church

Never shying away from his past, Jelly Roll proved that the future is what a person makes it. Although he struggled with law enforcement and trying to get his life on track, he now stands on top of country music. With songs like “Need a Favor” and “Son of a Sinner”, the singer watched as his fame carried him to numerous awards. He was even nominated for a Grammy Award. While enjoying his life in the spotlight, the singer recently detailed what it was like to party with Eric Church and how the night ended with skinny dipping. 

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Appearing on the Camp Gagnon podcast with host Mark Gagnon, Jelly Roll discussed a plethora of topics. But at one point, Gagnon asked the singer to recall a time when he was the most hungover. Again, it didn’t take long for the country star to start telling the time he met Church. He said, “I had a show with Eric Church at The Gorge in Washington. The first night we’re there, I’d never met Eric Church. They hit me after the show and say ‘Hey man, you should come meet Eric.’ I told my wife all day ‘I think I’m gonna get drunk with Eric Church tonight.’”

Jelly Roll Sets The Record Straight On His Sobriety

As if Jelly Roll already knew how the night was going to end, the pair ended up spending several hours drinking and talking. Jelly Roll continued his story, explaining, “I went into his dressing room and me and Eric sat there and got trashed. When I walked out of his room at 3 or 4 in the morning, by 5:30 in the morning, I found my way down to the Columbia River…skinny dipping.” He added, “(I looked like) Baloo the bear, backstroking, blowing water out. We took a crew down there. I went on stage that night feeling like I had just had alcohol poisoning.”

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While Jelly Roll discussed his road to sobriety in the past, he admitted to drinking every now and then. “I don’t like to brag about drinking because I probably got drunk a couple of handful of times this year. And every one of them were just ridiculously bad.” Jelly Roll continued, “There’s a misconception about my sobriety. I represent the recovery community, but my sobriety’s different. I’m sober now, but I’ll still have a drink. I try to walk that fine line. I respect the people that worked the program and really got sober.”

Besides enjoying a drink or two, Jelly Roll continues to shine as his music and honesty have made him a top man in country music. 

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