Nikki Sixx Opens up on ‘Dr. Feelgood’ Legacy 35 Years Later and How Vancouver Made the Album “Special”

Although part of numerous bands over the decades, Nikki Sixx will always be remembered for his contributions to Mötley Crüe. Not only helping form the iconic rock band but the musician also served as the primary songwriter. Formed in the 1980s, the band went on to sell millions of records and released nine studio albums. One of their most popular albums, Dr. Feelgood recently turned 35 years old. Discussing how the album came about, Sixx noted how Vancouver played a crucial role in what the album became. 

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Speaking with Allison Hagendorf about the album turning 35, Sixx admitted, “Our girlfriends and wives are just barely older than that.” He added, “I guess they’re vintage too now. Finally!” Even Tommy Lee chimed in, wanting to know where the last three decades went. 

Diving into the album and the process of recording, Sixx thanked producer Bob Rock. “You know what was great about that record? [Producer] Bob Rock said, ‘You guys have gotta get out of L.A. I need you guys, your undivided attention.’” Noting how he asked them to travel to Vancouver, the musician continued, “Aerosmith was staying at the same apartment, hotel thing. And there was like a gym downstairs, it’s Vancouver, it’s beautiful there. They had a lake right there. Every morning, we’d wake up, we’d go down to the gym, we’d work out, see the Aerosmith guys, and it was just this great energy happening.”

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Nikki Sixx Recalled Trying To Hide His Identity

Able to escape the entrapments of L.A., Sixx explained how “it made the album special. There was nothing to focus on except each other and the music.” But that didn’t mean the band didn’t get into trouble. “We had been banned from going to the strip clubs, me and Tommy.” Spending a little too much time exploring the nightlife, the duo decided to get some disguises that included wearing “lumberjack outfits.” 

Believing their costumes as “Canadian oil riggers” would allow them to visit strip clubs without being recognized, Sixx laughed, “So we go over to the Marble Arch [strip club] and we walk in and the first girl is like, ‘Hey Tommy! Hey Nikki!”

In the end, Dr. Feelgood became one of the band’s most popular albums throughout their prosperous career in music. 

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